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Marijuana A threat to religion?

If you entertain the opinions and insights that folks who are in opposition to pot legalization adopt, you’ll probably take note of the many cracks in their explanation. The entire foundation of their broken model lies in a sensitive emotionally charged response which operates as a self-defense apparatus for their delicate self-image. The simple truth of the issue is that the prohibitionists denounce pot since it’s a menace to their privately preferred existential ideologies that keep them sufficiently grounded in their make-shift, illusory worlds. Inhaling pot can provide you with various standpoints that you did not once have, and widen your creativity and internally created beliefs.

You would think every person on the planet would embrace this experience as a true blessing, but no. This translates into an existential catastrophe for the thoughts of prohibitionists, because it causes them to confront their own internally sanctioned belief systems and methods for thinking. This matter is actually demonstrated somewhat medically, explained in the following clip: “Foreign chemical substances, like THC, can mirror or block behavior of chemicals and hinder normal functions.” As a society, we really can use a disruption of regular behavior and everyday procedures so that we can uncover the truth that is present within everyone! This is why this has become such a touchy area of interest that many are not ready to address. Using pot with a vaporizer pen directly results in a more open and resourceful approach to nature, but first you must shed your old ways of philosophy.

Many individuals within our community find it difficult getting through this inner barrier, as it challenges their ordinary ways of reasoning. You can’t just obliterate someone’s internally created identity like that and expect them to act in a normal way! This isn’t to suggest that every prohibitionist has this exact same attitude, because of course each person’s thinking on why marijuana will need to continue being against the law is different. It is apparent that this forms a significant percentage of their attitude relevant to this subject.


It’s really strange that modern religious folks avoid this substance and tag it as a drug, wheras Hindus would consume it to become nearer to our creator and one with Shiva. This is precisely the opposite approach as someone who is against cannabis legalization. Traditional cultures from India have the outlook that this is a beneficial chemical, whereas american societies tend to view it as a undesirable herb with no actual value. How did we get to this location of polar opposite viewpoints? If you’ve ever investigated the Hindu faith, you would acknowledge that if there has ever been a religion based solely on the human creativity, that Hinduism absolutely fits the bill. In North american society, we prefer to have tangible things that we can touch in front of us to demonstrate that a specific thing is present.

Nevertheless, the most significant location within our galaxy is the inner sense that is available within your 3rd eye. When burning pot, a person is thrust deep into this mental panorama of magnificence and understanding. This fantastic substance will help you to broaden your psychological universe and participate in a realm of pure imagination. We must express that this is a desirable experience to be enjoyed! What our planet needs are more spirits who are ready to research these alternative areas of consciousness and bring back some beneficial facts for the rest of civilization. This is the very reason that many marijuana users have a way with artistic expression and language and word usage.

These ganja smokers have formulated a symbiotic association to the designer of the galaxy, and it shows in their every day attitudes and encounters. In conclusion, I would like to reiterate the significance of generating a deep connection with your own intrinsic creative imagination and associated opinion systems. We should be seeking it out instead of planning to distance ourselves from it. Even Albert Einstein has announced that human resourcefulness is more fundamental to everyday life on the earth than the accumulation of data.