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Marijuana Policy Reform in this Country

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Our current situation in this society has evolved into a complex series of interactions regarding the social progress that is now it’s stake regarding these controversial issues such as marijuana legislation that our Congress is currently trying to decide which path to take within that matrix of choices. The fact that marijuana is even illegal to begin with this just absolutely ridiculous and I can’t believe that this has even I can’t believe that this is even something that exists within our society it’s just completely ridiculous. The hemp plant alone has many valuable uses such as fuel clothing and on of other things that can be used for and yet it is still outlawed it can even be grown in this country. Did you know that hemp even have to be produced up in Canada because farmers in America cannot even grow the crop without any consultations with the law wearing about if they’re going to be arrested for farming this 100% all natural substance. I mean this should be an outrage that some the front page of every newspaper that you know our society can benefit a great deal from this wonderful plant and we are just shooting ourselves in the foot by not allowing ourselves to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and this great plant.


Our founding fathers would have a complete nervous breakdown if they ever found out exactly what has gone on in this country since they found that it several hundred years ago. George Washington was a big supporter of hemp and they used to use it to develop all of the paper products as well as clothing back in that time. If they could see into the future to this current time they would be absolutely outraged at the current state of affairs in this country and how we have let it get so far off track from the original intentions that our founding fathers lay the foundation of this country upon. We should not even rest for one second as a society until marijuana is legalized nationwide for recreational use and medical use. Forget decriminalization, we should demand immediate and indefinite legalized nation worldwide. There shouldn’t be a single person as her arrested for a crime just because they are in possession of a 100% natural substance that grows in the environment without any interference from outside forces. How can it be a legal to possess eight plant that grows in your habitat in which you exist?


Once we finally sit down and write out some comprehensive logical legislation in this country regarding the marijuana reform then we can begin to advance as a society and proceed into advanced forms of social evolution that we desperately need at this time. It’s just such a shame that we couldn’t have reached this decision at an earlier time maybe we could have possibly salvage some of the lives that were wrecked in the process of this great disservice to our country. I mean when you think about all the people that were locked up in jail and imprisoned for simple possession of a natural substance it’s astounding how much damage in this has done to the country. There are countless number of lives that have been ruined in people who were denied jobs because they had minor possession charges on their records. Students should not have to worry about these charges for these misdemeanor offenses that don’t really have any impact on their lives as a whole, it’s just something silly they got into when they were in college. Is just so ridiculous and we really need to get this situation under control in the near future or else we are going to be looking at even more devastating circumstances than we are currently dealing with.