Reducing Toxicity in Marijuana Smoke Can Be Done by Vaporizing

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One of the biggest issues that people used to have with smoking of any type, including that of marijuana is the ashes, chemicals, paper, and other harmful elements that end up going into the smoke and into the lungs. Medical studies, research, and publications of all types have talked about this issue at length and campaigns to stop people from smoking is definitely well documented. With the advent of medical use becoming legal in more states, people that are worried about the ill effects, should look no further than towards the latest opportunity to enjoy herbs, and that’s vaporization.

Study after study has been conducted in regards to vaporization, especially for medical marijuana use. The studies have shown chemical risk, as well as the respiratory hazards that used to be in the actual burning of leaves, whether tobacco or marijuana, are no longer present. The science behind this is somewhat compelling, and has led to the rise in electronic cigarettes as well as other components that are being heralded as lifesavers to the community of smokers at large.

Skeptics may not want to believe this, but in studies, including that of the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics, a great deal of research went into just looking at the long-term effects of smoking and vaping, as it is known. The results, published worldwide, including the journal, showed a significant difference, and in fact failed to show the same kind of toxicity. Combustion is the culprit that many need to look out for. Heating dry herbs with fire causes ashes, and carbon as well as other toxic issues to formulate. These toxic items go through the lungs and cause damage.

On the other hand, vaporization requires a high heat that goes beyond combustion. At the molecular level, the vapors are inhaled, and only the THC is delivered to the lungs. The 100 other chemicals that were usually found in smoking, are gone, and that means a much more clear “high” for the patient. It’s this type of potency that is favored by medical users, and in the long term, could in fact prove to be an overwhelmingly better option.

Reducing the toxicity of these items has been the number one reason that people have turned to portable units, desktop units, and much more. Looking online for vaporizers for sale, for instance, will deliver more results than ever. Those living in states where medical use of marijuana is legal, will delight in the opportunity to not only get relief for ailments, but also reduce the issue of smoking, and perhaps stave off cancer of the lungs. While some pundits will still argue that there are problems associated with this, medical research seems to be compelling and showing that it’s a much safer option.

Second hand smoke is even diminished, as pure water vapor is all that is exhaled, creating no major issue for those that are looking at inhaling indoors. Not only that, public use can be allowed, in case certain ailments manifest and medicine is needed in a fast manner.


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