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Marijuana – A Long, Harsh, History

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Marijuana Laws

When considering how you’re going to be consuming your marijuana in this modern day and age, it’s important to look at all of the different angles and paradigms that are presented with the current situation of society and the laws that are in place regarding marijuana.  Medical patients have been stigmatized as drug seeking fiends who just want to “get high”, and this has split our country into a serious division of the minds which has resulted in one of the most controversial topics to be in the public spotlight since civil rights.  Marijuana smokers feel that they have the right to legally be able to smoke their favorite herbs openly and freely throughout the entire society.  Although some may disagree, you can’t help but admit that marijuana is essentially harmless when used on it’s own and not as a stepping stone, or gateway, to harder and more illicit drugs.

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A Bad History

  We have seen a similar situation happen back in the 1950’s with prohibition and just like back then, a black market has erupted around supplying this substance illegally and without the much needed guidelines and regulations from the federal and state levels.  Since marijuana has come under some regulation in the form of it’s medical use, the quality control has greatly increased in that particular realm.  However, on the street, marijuana is still a commodity that carries with it a negative connotation and a prison sentence if you get caught with a large enough amount.  This is an outrage, and people in our society really need to begin standing up for what they feel is right, and not just conforming to the popular opinion.  If you are right, and a minority of one, you are still right, after all!

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The Evolution of the Pot Smoker

Our country has had a sufficient amount of time to let the wounds left over from the 60’s drug culture heal, and this should not hold us back as a nation any longer.  That was a long time ago, and people have matured a great deal since then.  I think most people look at a typical pot smoker with an extremely narrow view, and think that since they smoke marijuana that they are lazy and stupid.  This could not be further from the truth.  In fact, marijuana smokers are some of the most intelligent, deep thinkers on the planet, and are often extremely nice and caring individuals.  It’s just a shame that they have been stereotyped and stigmatized in this way, and the time for a revolution is upon us!  We must unite and stand together against this ignorant force which is telling us that we can’t expand and explore our own minds and really think about what life is on a deep and spiritual level.  The people in office will simply never understand this paradigm until they actually experience it for themselves.  The sad truth is, the people who fight against marijuana the most, probably would benefit the most by using it.  This stark reality has shattered the perceptions of people all across the globe, and this problem  will continue to brew in the minds of individuals all across the nation.

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